Don’t people choose to be homeless?
We have not yet met any homeless people who truly wanted to live on the street. Living on the street is dangerous. Homeless people are often abused and attacked, discriminated against and alienated. They are often sleep-deprived, under-nourished and unwell. It’s cold, dirty and humiliating living on the street. Many are there because they simply cannot see another way of dealing with things. Every one of the homeless people we work with wants a home. Most also want to work.


Aren't all beggars homeless?

Worldwide it is recognised that the majority of beggars are not homeless. The public needs to know that when people are begging and saying they're homeless, that's not necessarily accurate.


Homelessness can't be fixed, can it?

There are communities worldwide who are close to ending homelessness. They have done this by adopting the Housing First Model and focusing on ending homelessness rather than managing it. They have done this by collaborating across communities and co-ordination of mostly existing community resources. Worldwide, developing a stock of safe, affordable housing has been key to success.


The fact is, there are different forms of homelessness

Until recently, most of us probably thought of homeless people as those living on the streets. However, many people experiencing homelessness may be invisible to a member of the public, as they couch-surf or move around different accommodations.


Where does emergency housing fit in the Housing First model?

The evidence tells us that access to permanent housing works best, but emergency housing plays an important role in the housing continuum for some people before they are able to enter a Housing First service. It is particularly important when people are in crisis so that we can respond to their needs immediately by keeping them safe and off the street.

We work closely with emergency housing providers so that we can support people through the housing continuum. But it is important that people do not get stuck in emergency housing – its purpose is a short-term response before people can move on to sustainable, permanent housing, with support.

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