For Landlords

If you have property to rent in Christchurch – particularly a 1-2 bedroom home - Housing First will find you tenants and manage your property for you. It’s that simple.


Benefits at a glance

  • We find the tenants – guaranteed – no downtime for you and your property.
  • We guarantee the rent in full and on time – no stress, no chasing for you.
  • We don’t charge a management fee – your pocket doesn’t take the hit.
  • We know our tenants really well and support them to be good tenants and good neighbours.
  • Our Key Workers visit our tenants at least weekly and we inspect properties monthly.
  • We work closely with the tenants for as long as they need our support.
  • We’re just a phone call away if you need to talk or ask questions.

And… you can make a difference by helping to eliminate chronic homelessness in Christchurch.


What does Housing First Christchurch do?

We’re part of a national network under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development  which supports people who have been homeless long-term to access housing quickly. We use a proven model to address homelessness: provide the house first, then provide ongoing wrap-around support services to help people set and achieve their goals.

Who is behind Housing First Christchurch?

Homelessness is a complex issue that no single organisation has the ability to solve. A collaborative multi-agency approach means there is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and depth of care to address homelessness. We are: Christchurch Methodist Mission , Comcare Trust, Emerge Aotearoa, Christchurch City Mission, Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust, Te Whare Roimata.

Who does Housing First work with?

Our services are for chronically homeless people who have been homeless for 12 months or more OR 4 episodes of homelessness over a 3 year period with mental health and/or addiction issues. The strength of our multi-agency approach ensures ongoing and sustained wrap-around support services to help people stay in their homes and never return to homelessness.

How are you doing in Christchurch?

Within 3 years of operation, we've found homes for over 200 formerly homeless people. That’s an extraordinary achievement which Christchurch should be proud of.

How is it working for landlords?

Within our first 3 years, of all the tenancy agreements that came up for renewal, 89 percent of tenants who wanted to renew their leases, had them renewed. That very high success rate tells us that this model works for both our tenants and our landlords.

Where do I start?

  • Call, text or email us for a chat
  • We can work out if your property is suitable
  • We will view your property and if we all agree we will make a commitment to a fixed term lease (minimum 12 months)
  • Once a lease is agreed and signed, we start paying your rent
  • Our kaewa (client) will move in
  • Our keyworkers support our kaewa (client) and visit at least once a week
  • Our tenancy manager carry’s out a monthly inspection and deals with any tenancy issues.

Make a difference

Comcare Trust
Te Whare Roimata
Emerge Aotearoa
Christchurch City Mission
Christchurch Methodist Church